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Financial Independence

TFA Representatives* strive to help you create the financial stability and security you need to have a better future. But ultimately, financial independence comes down to freedom of choice and the insight to decide what’s best for you.

At TFA, we offer more than just products and services from well-known companies to help you reach your goals. We also provide the financial insight you need to help you to secure your future.

By sharing basic financial concepts, your TFA Representative can help you have a better understanding of your situation and how a particular product or service can help you reach your goals.

With greater knowledge and awareness of key financial concepts and access to products from leading providers, you have the power to build a future you can count on.

*Representatives must be properly licensed to offer securities and/or investment advisory products


Independence {From TFA Rep’s Perspective}

TFA is a company that paves the way for people from all backgrounds to become independent financial services professionals. It is also a company that values a long-term relationship with its Registered and Investment Advisor Representatives,* and respects their freedom as independent financial professionals.

We believe independence brings better value to our clients and more satisfaction to the financial professionals who serve them.


Strength with Independence®

Building a career at TFA means you have the flexibility and freedom to run your business the way you feel is best for you.

Here are some of the ways we respect your freedom as an independent financial professional and enable you to get more out of what you do.


A Broad Portfolio

You are free to offer your clients investment choices from the most familiar names in the industry. We often review and update our product offerings to better serve you and your clients. With our expansive portfolio, we open the door to:

  • Well-known mutual fund families
  • Variable universal life and variable annuities
  • Retirement planning products
  • Professional Money Management Services


Recurring Revenue

At TFA, you have the opportunity to add an advisory fee-based revenue strategy to your transaction-based business. Once you become an Investment Advisor Representative (IAR) with TFA, you can offer your clients professional money management through TFA’s third party money managers and open the door to recurring income for you.


A Unique Business Building Model

With TFA, you have the chance to work with other industry professionals and open offices with few territory restrictions.


A Flexible Business Platform

At TFA, our independent Investment Advisor and Registered Representatives go to work each day with the tools and resources they need to help their clients rise to a better future. As financial services business owners, they have access to:


  • A solid business platform that helps them manage the administrative responsibilities of running their businesses, from marketing campaigns to back-office support tools and technologies
  • Guidance and mentoring relationships from home office staff and company leaders, which can make a difference in their businesses as they learn what strategies are working in other TFA practices and throughout the industry


With support like this, as well as the desire to help people have better futures, you, too, can become a TFA Representative with the ability to focus on the most important aspect of your business: your clients. There is no need to worry about the rest we’ve got you covered.

*Representatives must be properly licensed to offer securities and/or investment advisory products