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Transamerica® ONE


Transamerica® One Wealth Management Platform

The Transamerica® ONE Wealth Management Platform, available from your Investment Advisor Representative, was created to help people with modest amounts of investable assets to have their money professionally managed by Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc. (TFA) and its institutional and boutique model managers — something previously available only to wealthy investors. With Transamerica® ONE, it’s your turn to have your money work for you.

The platform spans multiple investment themes, including:

· Risk-based Global Diversification

· Global Tactical Allocation

· Dynamic and Alternative Strategies

· Defensive and Low Volatility Portfolios

· Tax Advantage Strategies

The Advantages of Transamerica® ONE: · Access to multiple institutional and boutique model managers · Multiple investment strategies in a single, separately managed account customized for you · Consolidated statement for all your investments and online access to your accounts · No transaction charges* · Active money management for clients with $25,000 or more investable assets.

*Foliofn Investments, Inc. the custodian, may charge additional fees for certain brokerage-related services. Please refer to their pricing schedule for details.